I wrote "My Story" back in 2007 at my training at Kripalu (in the beautiful Berkshires) with Alberto Villoldos and The Healing The Light Body School.

I am proud to say I carry my mesa to this day and hand made my own mastana (sacred cloth made for the mesa which holds my kuyas (healing stones))

It was made from 2 separate bags I had in my bag collection (lol, just call me the bag lady)...one was from Tibet and one was from Peru and I took them apart then sewed them back together for my mastana.

It is beautiful if I do say so and I think I did my mesa proud. And so....here is "My Story"

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I am going to share "My Story" with you all…

Once upon a time there was a woman on a mystic journey.

She took a road through the Sky World.

She surrounded herself in light for protection through time.

She also carried with her sacred stones and symbols.

What she found on her journey was a beautiful land full of Ancient Trees that spoke to her and they shared with her secrets of the Stars and Star People.

Tracie Moore is a Reiki Master/Teacher and
certified in Karuna® Reiki . She has also been a
Artist/Sculptress and stone carver for 15 years.

The most important thing she learned was that everything is done with the heart and pure love...everything that is spoken, every action taken, everything seen and unseen.

She soared with Angels and great winged beings and she realized that what starts in love ends in love and the great symbol of Circle encpmpasses that love of all creation.

by Tracie Moore 2007